Successful Leaders Prioritize Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is key to leadership success. When leaders ask me what is the most important skill to focus on in order to achieve the next promotion or make a larger impact, I tell them self- awareness. Regardless of excellent leadership, visioning and strategic planning expertise, leaders eventually hit a wall when they are lacking in ongoing self-awareness.

Engaging in self awareness work means learning about how your own beliefs, biases and behaviors contribute to the decisions you make. It is also key to realize the impact of such beliefs, biases and behaviors on those around you. This is high value and high return work and it is not a one and done sort of thing. A 360 evaluation is only valuable if you are still considering and integrating the feedback 360 days later. 

Learning about yourself and why you do things the way you do is a lifelong journey. It is difficult to see the reflection of who you are without someone to hold up the mirror. What you see gives you control in discovering your purpose, leveraging your strengths and achieving your goals. Consider taking the journey with the partnership of a professional coach to hold up the mirror and offer feedback along the way. Leadership development classes, psychometric personality assessments and individual coaching sessions create a synergy that promotes lasting change. 

Michelle Bostian, LCSW, ACC, BCC

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